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Investigative Post Reports: The Buffalo Billion

Be sure to check out this informative event from the Investigative Post on the Buffalo Billion. Here are the details:

Wednesday, Oct....

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Demonstrators protesting low wages and the lack of union representation in the fast food industry outside of a Wendy's restaurant in the Brooklyn Borough of New York
All around the country, fast food workers and other low wage workers are building a movement for higher wages and dignity and power at... Read more
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It's your tax money, not their corporate piggy bank
Each year, New York spends $7 billion of your money on corporate tax subsidies in the name of job creation. But too much of this money... Read more

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Getting Our Money's Worth

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Make Local Business the Anchor Tenant Rally

Civic Engagement and Government Accountability

As an extension of its campaign work, CEJ engages in public education efforts and also registers new voters, encourages occasional voters to become more active participants in … Read more

WNY Subsidy Reform

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Canal Side

In January 2010, the Coalition for Economic Justice helped form the Canal Side Community Alliance to ensure the proposed development of Buffalo’s waterfront would result in … Read more

Living Wages for a Liveable City

CEJ joined the living wage movement early on, becoming the 35th city in the country to adopt a Living Wage Ordinance. Our campaign for passage of a city law b … Read more

Living Wage Schools

Over 1,000 Buffalo School District workers don’t earn enough to support their families, yet they are the caretakers and support staff that the community’s children rely on … Read more


As a coalition of more than sixty labor, faith, community, academic, and student organizations, we engage in solidarity actions to advance the cause of workers’ rights and s … Read more
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Investigative Post Investigative Post Reports: The Buffalo Billion

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