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WRB Report Release
New Report: Diocese Abandoning Catholic Teachings, Mistreating Workers at Catholic Health

Faith Leaders to Call on Catholic Health to Reverse Course, Improve Patient Care, Stop Outsourcing

Buffalo, NY – Faith leaders today...
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We are worth more
Fight for $15
Fast food workers in Buffalo are fighting back!

Fast food workers in Buffalo are joining thousands of workers in over 100 cities...

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BIG WIN: Wage board says YES to $15!
Just moments ago, the New York wage board recommended raising fast-food pay in ALL of New York State to $15 an hour. Your work, your... Read more

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VWR Corporate Tax Dodgers Hall of Shame

Getting Our Money's Worth

New York government has a responsibility to build a better future for all New Yorkers by making smart investments that revitalize the economy and meet the needs of communities … Read more
Make Local Business the Anchor Tenant Rally

Civic Engagement and Government Accountability

As an extension of its campaign work, CEJ engages in public education efforts and also registers new voters, encourages occasional voters to become more active participants in … Read more

WNY Subsidy Reform

We all want to live in just, sustainable and prosperous communities. Our local and state governments have a responsibility to build a better future for all – that means maki … Read more

Canal Side

In January 2010, the Coalition for Economic Justice helped form the Canal Side Community Alliance to ensure the proposed development of Buffalo’s waterfront would result in … Read more

Living Wages for a Liveable City

CEJ joined the living wage movement early on, becoming the 35th city in the country to adopt a Living Wage Ordinance. Our campaign for passage of a city law b … Read more

Living Wage Schools

Over 1,000 Buffalo School District workers don’t earn enough to support their families, yet they are the caretakers and support staff that the community’s children rely on … Read more


As a coalition of more than sixty labor, faith, community, academic, and student organizations, we engage in solidarity actions to advance the cause of workers’ rights and s … Read more
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Labor Day Join CEJ and the Buffalo Fight for $15 at the Labor Day Parade and Picnic

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Breaking Faith Report Download Cover Breaking Faith: How Catholic Health Officials Abandon Catholic Social Teachings

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Picket Line 2 Demanding Justice at McDonald’s