About Us

The Coalition for Economic Justice’s (CEJ) mission is to unite our member labor, faith, and community organizations and activist with allies and resources to win campaigns that promote economic justice for all through building strong, diverse, sustainable communities. (View our full Mission, Vision, and Values statement here)

What We Do

CEJ is a permanent coalition of labor, faith, community, academic and student organizations and individual activists. We engage in collective action to create good jobs, strong, sustainable communities, and equitable economic development.

CEJ was formed in 1986 when religious and labor leaders organized a campaign together to stop good manufacturing jobs from being outsourced to Mexico by the Trico corporation. Since our founding, CEJ has collaborated with a wide array of partners to win local campaigns for corporate and government accountability, sustainable economic development, and worker justice.

CEJ has also taken its fight to Albany, recognizing that too often decisions impacting our local communities are made at the state level. CEJ is the co-anchor of a statewide alliance of worker and community groups and has been at the forefront of the fight for reform of wasteful economic development programs.

As an extension of our issue work we engage in voter education and engagement – registering new voters, encouraging occasional voters to become more active participants in our democracy, and providing all voters with information about where candidates stand on our issues.

The Coalition for Economic Justice is one of 42 community-labor coalitions nationwide that comprise the national Jobs with Justice network, as well as the NY State Labor-Religion Coalition.



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