BIG WIN: Wage board says YES to $15!

Just moments ago, the New York wage board recommended raising fast-food pay in ALL of New York State to $15 an hour.

Your work, your voice made this happen. Take a minute and tell the world: WE ARE WINNING by sharing this image on Facebook:


This is a HUGE deal. The Fight For $15 started in New York almost three years ago with a handful of fast-food workers. Now, with this recommendation – we’re on the brink of winning $15 across the state.

The fight isn’t over yet – the wage board’s recommendation will not become law until Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration decides whether or not to implement the recommendation.

The governor convened the wage board in May to determine whether fast-food workers deserve a raise.

Today, they gave their answer loud and clear: YES! Fast-food pay is WAY too low to support our families or pay our rent.

The Fight For $15 won in Seattle, in San Francisco, in L.A. – and now we’re on the cusp in ALL of New York State.

Share now! It’s time to GET LOUD and make sure Governor Cuomo does the right thing for NY fast-food workers.

You know, the skeptics were right to call us dreamers: We did dream big.

But we also fought. We fought hard. And today:  We. Will. Win.

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