CEJ In the News: 2010

Canal Side: Lift All Boats

Artvoice, By Mark Manna, December 16, 2010. At an Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation meeting co-hosted by Mayor Byron Brown last week, the mayor allowed a generous amount of time for questions, concerns, and suggestions regarding the Canal Side project from the audience. As reported in Artvoice, many of the public comments focused on job creation and minority hiring goals.

Sweetheart deals are way too one-sided

The Buffalo News, By Rod Watson, November 11, 2010. As calculated by The Buffalo News, Verizon would get $330 million in sales tax savings, $188 million in property tax savings and a$96 million break on its power bills. That’s $614 million in breaks for 200 data center jobs—or a whop-ping $3.1 million per job.

Aspirations and Inspirations

Artvoice, by Geoff Kelly, November 4, 2010. Goldman and his fellow plaintiffs joined with the Canal Side Community Alliance—a coalition of more than 40 community groups that have been fighting ECHDC for a community benefit agreement

Bass Pro critics plan meetings

Buffalonews.com, by By Mark Sommer, September 20, 2010. A coalition that was critical of putting Bass Pro Shops in Canal Side is sponsoring a series of community meetings to discuss economic and environmental issues concerning waterfront development.
The Canal Side Community Alliance, along with some plaintiffs in a lawsuit concerning the harbor agency that oversees waterfront development, said it expects to develop “principles for sound economic development on the waterfront” at the conclusion of the series.

Alliance Calls for Community Input in Canal Side

WNED Buffalo/Toronto, by Mark Leitner, September 20, 2010. When hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars being spent to transform the waterfront into something the entire community can enjoy, the Canal Side Community Alliance contends the community should have substantial input.

Council disputes report critical of IDAs

timesunion.com, by Larry Rulison Business Writer, September 8, 2010. The NYSEDC memo says that the Jobs With Justice report is misleading when it talks about how communities are losing revenue because of IDAs. The report says that in the last five years, school districts have lost $826 million in revenue from IDA tax breaks. It also says that in 2008, state and local municipalities together lost $645 million in tax revenue.

Bass Pro’s Death Throes

WNYMedia.net, By Colin Eager, August 1, 2010. …Folks around these parts are normally pretty smart and sensible, have a healthy skepticism of grand development plans, and a decent respect for activism and citizen involvement. And yet the response to Bass Pro’s demise has been mostly empty snark, knee-jerk talk about “obstructionists” and regurgitated right wing talking points.

Reaction to Bass Pro pullout varies

The Buffalo News, By Brian Meyer, July 31, 2010. Reaction to Friday’s announcement that Bass Pro will not be coming to Buffalo was almost as varied as the fishing lures one might find in a sprawling sporting goods store.

Being Realistic About Canal Side

Artvoice, By Sam Magevern, May 20, 2010. Recently, the Buffalo Common Council voted unanimously that it would not transfer 13 acres to the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation until ECHDC makes a community benefits agreement…

IDA Director Responds To New State Report

The Post-Journal, May 19, 2010. A data analysis conducted last year by New York Jobs with Justice showed that in 2007, IDAs spent more than $100 million on businesses that created no new jobs, created only poverty wage jobs or cut jobs