CEJ In the News: 2012

Rally urges protection of social safety nets

UB graduate student Cayden Mak, with the Coalition for Economic Justice, says as a member of the younger generation, he must join the fight.

Back Pay For Seasonal Workers? Dead in Committee

On Tuesday, the Common Council’s Civil Service Committee held a public hearing on a resolution authored by Delaware District Councilman Mike LoCurto urging the administration of Mayor Byron Brown to heed a court decision declaring that the city’s so-called “seasonal workers” are covered by the city’s living wage statute—a law that Brown championed when he was a councilman—and consequently were due back pay to compensate for the years 2004 to 2007, when they were paid less than the statute requires.

CEJ in the News: Working family advocates travel to Washington

Activists from across New York are in Washington to lobby on behalf of working families.

From the JwJ Blog: Workers’ rights leaders mobilizing against cuts in budget debate

As Congress and the White House enter budget negotiations in the lame duck session, Jobs with Justice local coalition leaders from around the country traveled to Washington, D.C., to make sure working families have a voice in the deliberations.

‘Give Local A Chance’ campaign kicks off with Max Collins mural unveiling on Grant Street

“It is important that we make smart investments that build a better future for us all,” said Micaela Shapiro-Shellaby, lead organizer at the Coalition for Economic Justice. “This holiday season, people can invest in and support a more equitable and sustainable economy by shopping at local small businesses, which create more jobs and keep more money local.”

CEJ Jots for Justice – Subversive Theatre’s “Radio Golf” Raises Issues for Buffalo

Just in time for the post-election season, our friends at The Subversive Theatre Collective have your fix or your cure, depending on how you look at it.

Advocates for public involvement in budgeting visit Council

Monday’s presentation was promoted by the Coalition for Economic Justice, a progressive organization. However, participatory budgeting has found fans on both sides of the aisle.

Refereeing Lockouts

A lockout, once a nearly unthinkable management tactic, is growing more and more common across the country. Although a great deal of public attention and media scrutiny is given to the lockouts of NFL and NBA players last year, and NFL refs and NHL players this year, lockouts of workers in less visible sectors are increasing without much notice by the general public.

Occupying Time: Occupy Buffalo at One Year

Whether the Coast Guard is still watching Occupy Buffalo or not, it probably won’t keep them and others—like the Western New York Peace Center, the Coalition for Economic Justice, and various labor unions—from pressing forward as lobbyists for the people who can’t afford to hire their own. Members are looking for the movement to evolve into focused areas of activism, where members draw from the pool of consensus within the group to work on individual topics—for example, student loan debt.

Poloncarz questions IDA role

Either way, said Micaela Shapiro-Shellaby, an organizer for the Coalition for Economic Justice, the local IDAs are failing to create good-paying jobs and wealth in the region.