Fight for $15 – April 14th Strike

We’re winning because we organize, because we protest, and because we STRIKE.

On April 14, let’s get even louder. Join me and the rest of the #FightFor15 in Buffalo:

10AM: McDonald’s, 2156 Niagara Street
3PM: March from the NetZero House, 10 Winter Street, to McDonald’s, 241 West Ferry Street

We started this fight locally with just a handful of fast-food workers. They called us crazy. They called us dreameres

Then, we won.

The workers’ protests, timed to hit just before Tax Day, will zero in on McDonald’s, highlighting how the world’s second-largest employer and the industry leader in the fast food and service economies is driving a race to the bottom that is undercutting wages across the economy and resulting in nearly 64 million workers being paid less than $15.

Workers should make enough to live. Taxpayers should not have to subsidize low pay simply because corporations are determined to avoid paying their fair share.

We’re striking & protesting around the world on the eve of Tax Day – and we need you there!

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